AVRAN Pocket 75ml Surface Disinfectant


AVRAN is an alcohol free instant self-sanitising solution that when sprayed on any surface of household creates a protective nano-coating on the surface and kills up to 99.999% viruses, bacteria and other pathogens when they come in contact with the surface and this property of the nano-coating shows its retention for at least 15 days. This efficacy lasts even with regular was or abrasion on the surface.
AVRAN has been selected as one of the best Covid-19 innovations by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt of India throuch its CAWACH Program.
This handy pocket size pack is perfect to carry with you wherever you go. Because it lasts up to a fortnight, you dont have to keep spraying every time and every day. This saves a lot of time and money from conventional sanitization methods.
AVRAN can be safetly used on Mobile Phone, Bank Notes, Apparel, Bike & Car Keys, Door Knobs, Wallet, Personal Belongings, Mask, Car Sears, Steering Wheel, Furniture, Lift, Wash Room, Switch Board, Hand rails, Hospital, Theatre, Airport, Public Transport and Public Places.


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