Kafmar Amphibious Machine (KAM)

Our Eco-Friendly Amphibious Machine is Made for the Toughest Pond and Lake Challenges

KAFMAR is proud to introduce the Kafmar amphibious machine (KAM). Built in Sweden to be tough and reliable, this machine has been used throughout the world as a weed cutter for pond and lake weed control and for dozens of other tough jobs. As tough as it is, KAM  is known for being gentle on the environment.

Comfort for the Operator as Well as the Environment

Typical of Swedish quality, the comfort and safety of the operator is of as much importance as the function of the unit itself. The KAM contains features such as an adjustable, padded and heated seat, logical controls for the safest possible operations, sun and rain canopy, storage area for tools and many other quality features.

When carrying out water restoration projects, protecting the delicate lake ecology is a top priority. KAM has a low ground pressure and tread that allows it to travel over land into the water with no environmental damage. It is the weed cutter of choice for municipalities, golf courses, conservation management, canals and lakeside or river resorts. The cutting action of KAM  protects the environment even while in use. It does not harm wildlife.

Amphibious, Load Sensitive and Highly Versatile

In addition to lake weeds control, the KAM has a load sensitive system that delivers more power to a number of tools and attachments. Depending upon your needs, KAM has attachments that can cut and collect weeds and reeds; dredge, dig, excavate, mill, vacuum suction environmental spills, spread absorbing chemicals, chip wood and many other uses.

The machine has a bracket on the machine’s lifting arm that allows one tool to be easily replaced by another; for example the lake rake can be quickly switched out for a weed cutter in just minutes. Speaking of tools, there are numerous tool options for any job; for example, there are three cutting blade options.

Considering the KAM’s heavy-duty, diesel powered engine and load capacity, it is amazingly manoeuvrable in the water. It steers by means of a joystick, and allows the operator to work in very close quarters such as channels or around obstacles. On land, it easily “walks” on and off a trailer making transportation to any site, even the most remote, a simple task that cuts down on time and expense.

KAM High Tip Reed Rake

High Tip Reed Rake attachment used at River Sal, Khareband, Margao-Goa For removal of floating weeds like Water Hyacinths

KAM Rake Reed Attachment

Reed Rake attachment used at Maimollem Lake, Vasco, Goa For scooping/removal of floating weeds like Salvinia

KAM Weed Cutter Attachment

Weed Cutter attachment used at Deccan Chemicals (Syngenta), Goa For cutting/trimming rooted weeds, grasses etc

KAM Bucket Excavator

Bucket Excavator attachment used at River Mithi, Mumbai For removal of Garbage, rooted weeds and for making trenches

KAM Bucket Excavator

Bucket Excavator attachment used at Kurmane Khazan, Shiroda-Goa For deepening and making trenches in the river

Pump Dredging Attachment

Pump Dredger attachment used at Kurmane Khazan, Shiroda, Goa For deepening

Kam Dredging for Drying

Pump Dredger attachment used at Maimollem Lake, Vasco, Goa For pumping out water, drying the land

KAM Pump Dredging

Pump Dredger attachment used at Sancoale Site, Ship Dockyard, Goa For deepening

KAM Excavator

Excavator attachment used at Kurmane Khazan, Shiroda and Villa Nova Creek, Colva, Goa For making and restoring natural embankments




Main Machine

Dimensions- Length 4.7 m, width 2.06 m, height 2.1 m

Weight 1400 kg.

Front lift: 250 kg lifting power. DM bracket for fast change of tools.

Driving speed: 0-100 meters / minute


Excavation bucket

For deepening and making trenches in the river and removal of garbage and rooted weeds.

60 to 100 kg

Excavator arm- max. excavation depth- 1.8 m, lifting height – 1.5 m,

max. reach –3 m


Reed rake scooping mechanism

For removing floating weeds like Salvinia

working width 2 m


High Tip reed Rake

For removing floating weeds like water hyacinths

Working width: 2 or 3.5m

weight: 60 kg


Weed cutter attachment

For cutting andn trimming weeds, grasses etc

cutting depth 0.8 m

cutting width 2 m

working width 2.1 m

Weight 110 kg


Excavator arm

max. excavation depth- 1.5 m, lifting height – 1.5 m,

max. reach –3 m


Suction (pump) Dredger

For deepening, pumping out water and drying the land

Maximum dredging depth: 1.5m