Water Restoration Services

Why & Where do we need it.

Lakes and Creeks help circulate our planet’s water and provide important habitats to a variety of aquatic plants (Flora), aquatic animals (Fauna) and birds. Water is at the core of sustainable development and is critical for socio-economic development, healthy ecosystems and for human survival itself.

But sadly, water bodies have always been a convenient place to dispose waste. Water bodies like lakes, rivers, creeks are vulnerable as towns and cities usually use them for dumping domestic wastewater, sewage water and solid wastes, flouting all rules of environment safety standards.

This sewage water if not treated as per standard rules and checked for parameters like pH levels, nitrogen and phosphorous levels can help fast-growing weeds, reeds and other grasses to take over an entire water body very quickly. Invasive Weeds like Salvinia and Water Hyacinth can grow so dense thereby reducing space and causing oxygen depletion, that they pose a threat to the native species. They are also one of the reasons for flooding, as plastic and other garbage get entangled in the roots which prevents water flow.

If timely intervention is not carried out, i.e. regular de-weeding, de-silting, the water body will die a natural death disrupting the whole aquatic ecosystem.
As per the studies carried out by Goa State Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Board, India- Sal, Mandovi, Assonora, Bicholim, Chapora, Khandepar, Mapusa, and Valvanti are the eight polluted river stretches in Goa. Due to their proximity to the river, the wells, lakes, ponds and creeks in the villages are contaminated and unfit for human consumption. There is water-logging in many areas.

The Prime Minister has a deep concern for Rainwater harvesting and water conservation in the villages all over India. This is evident from the PM’s recent letter to all the Gram Panchayats Blocks in Goa to carry out rainwater harvesting.

However, due to lack of technologies for creating such kind of water reservoirs, Precious water is wasted with no provision for water harvesting except for few major dams that have to cater to full of Goa even during the dry seasons.
Khazan lands are ecologically, economically and socially very important for both Agriculture and Pisci-culture. The local farming community traditionally practices rice cultivation by growing salt–tolerant species during monsoon in conjunction with shrimp aquaculture during off seasons. These lands serve as emergency storm water receptacles and thus play a major role in preventing floods.

As per our survey, there are many areas which are perfect catchment areas for recharging groundwater, rainwater harvesting projects, cultivation of paddy and for carrying out Pisci-culture. But first these areas have to be cleaned and restored. This will benefit local farmers and fishermen through employment and also generate revenue for the state. The locals will also have supply of clean drinking water, as the wells will be recharged and the water level will be high throughout the year.
We have compiled a list of water bodies around Goa in various constituencies that need urgent attention and restoration.
We would like to request the authorities to prioritize the cleaning and restoring of water bodies in Goa. It is necessary we preserve and protect our water bodies for the sustenance of our future generations.

Kafmar Expertise

  1. Site specific Research.
  2. Scientific Research about the flora / fauna.
  3. Scientific methods in achieving the cleaning, de-weeding and de-silting without affecting aquatic life.
  4. Knowledge for planning and designing beautification projects and tourism related activities.
  5. Amphibious vehicle- moves in marshy, shallow and deep water, where JCB machine cannot go.

What we do and How.

  1. Offer Holistic, practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to the challenges found in water bodies left untouched over decades.
  2. Move towards complimenting the natural environment, adding to biodiversity and improving water quality.

Projects We Have Carried Out

Kafmar has been working together with NGO’s, Local Government Bodies and Private Companies to carry out Water Restoration Services. We are also licensed contractors for the Department of Water Resources – Govt. of Goa.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Project

Mithi River Cleanup. 2018, 2019 in association with Adv Afroz Shah- prominent lawyer and social activist.
Pioneered the cleaning of the Versova Beach in October 2015.
UN’s top environmental accolade– Champions of the Earth award recipient- in 2016.

  • The river is 18 kms long, starts from Vihar Lake, Powai and ends at Bandra. It is considered as the life line of Mumbai.
  • 30 years back, locals used the water for drinking and other domestic purposes but now it is filled with garbage and sewage water.
  • Kafmar associated with this project in December 2018.
  • Every Sunday volunteers headed by Adv Afroz clean the area of garbage and weeds.
  • Kafmar with the help of its amphibious machine has cleared an area of 300 m2 of Garbage and Hyacinths as part of its Social responsibility activity.
  • Reed bed system model project underway.